Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club
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Susan Harrington
Image by Isabel Gates
"A garden requires patient labor
and attention. Plants do not grow
merely to satisfy ambitions or to
fulfill good intentions. They thrive
because someone expended
effort on them."    
             ~Liberty Hyde Bailey
The Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club celebrates
its 48th anniversary this year. While the club
experienced seasonal changes as well as the ebb
and flow of membership, two things remained
constant: patient labor and attention.
I have all my directories since joining the club in
2003. I reviewed the list of officers and committee
chairs seeing familiar names from year to year
serving in key roles. They were vital for the stability
of this dynamic garden club from year to year. I
realized, however, that the new names that
appeared in key roles are the ones who are
responsible for the sustainability of the club.
My two goals for this year are to have fun and
contribute to the continuity of the Flotsam and
Jetsam Garden Club. I can only accomplish the
second goal with your help. By participating on
committees you will be better prepared to take on a
key role in the sustainability of this garden club for
the future. And the more hands, the easier the task.
"Gardens are not
made by singing
'Oh, how beautiful,'
and sitting in the

~Rudyard Kipling